Sunday, February 24, 2013

Rodeo and Crawfish

The past few weeks Evan's schedule has been crazy, but in a good way. He has been off actually a lot more, than he has been working. Which is something the boys and I are not used to! We have been enjoying it though!! Walking the riverwalk, farmers markets, parks with the minis. It's been fun.

For the past 2 weeks, San Antonio has been hosting the PBR Rodeo, we finally went the other day. We didn't go into the actual rodeo, but we had a blast on the grounds!!! There was tons to do!! I was so proud of both the boys. They rode just about every kiddie coaster there was, and sometimes, even by themselves!!
Someone was excited to see all the animals!

Let's just say Brady is only a fan of the food the Dough Boy supports. haha

We even got Evan on the ferris wheel!! Brady was of course, completely fearless, trying to peak over the edge, and hang a leg out the cart. But really, he would have, if we let him.

Friday afternoon we boiled crawfish at Brad, Amanda, and little Bradley's house. They boys enjoyed playing with all of Charlie's toys. Brady was actually threw the huge disc like a pro, as you can tell!!



As always, Brady isn't scared of a thing!! He carried this little crawfish around for a good 20 minutes. He enjoyed watching it walk around.

Precious itty bitty Bradley, and his gorgeous Momma (yes, she just had a baby 3 weeks ago!!)

Our crawfish chefs.

My little minis, love these boys, and their daddy to the moon.

It's been a wonderful, fun filled, week off with Evan. Back to work he goes tomorrow! Tomorrow is also Aaden's first day of school! If you think about it, say a little prayer for him around 11:30, I am supposed to drop him off with a teacher in the front of the school, not even talk him to his class. So, yeah, say a prayer for me too! :)
Until next time...

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