Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Becoming a sports mom

Growing up, we were always playing some sort of a sport. From summer leagues in our little town to tournament ball, out of state every weekend type of thing. Naturally, when we had our first kiddo we could not get a ball and bat in his hands fast enough. He turned 2 and we were pumped up!!! Thinking only ONE more year!!! 
We signed A up the very first season we could. He turned 3 on the day of his first soccer game, he barely qualified!! Shortly after that, I regretfully had to accept the fact that he was not ready. This was a moment I realized sports was something I wanted for him. He had issues with the spectators, the yelling/cheering, the wet grass. Blah. I was let down, but only by my own expectations. 

Fast forward a bit...
We played our first season of tee-ball, with 'coach mom' (it is as fun as it sounds). Imagine 3 year olds playing tee-ball but it was the absolute cutest thing. My oh my it was an amazing test of my character, though. 
We are now in our 3rd soccer season, and only getting better!!! It has been so much fun watching A take control on the field and enjoy something so very much!!! Even if it is soccer (my apologies soccer fans- we are a baseball family). 
A kid-sport post wouldn't be complete without a little briefing on the kid-sport parents... They are one.of.a.kind. I proudly stand amongst the crazies. That loudmouth mom at the games I used to keep score for as a summer teenage job, I am that person now!!!! I coach from the sidelines. I embarrass my adorable little soccer player, I'm sure of it. I LOVE IT. 
I can say, with certainty, I have no idea where that loud voice comes from... Considering I barely speak up in a large group of people (yes, I am 29 and still bashful 😳). The only explanation could be the excitement I have for my little player!!! 

I enjoy being out at the park for practice and games. From temps 110-45 (it is currently 45 as I type this, at practice). 

There is nothing that compare to watching your quiet, bashful, timid kid enjoy something. If that means freezing my booty off - so be it (I count stand to lose some lbs anyway ;) ). 
The only possible thing better is watching BOTH of your kiddos on the same team!! 

If you have tried sports and it wasn't quite your kids thing, try again!! I promise you will enjoy it as much as they do!!!