Sunday, March 2, 2014


It was recently brought to my attention that I am inflicting negativity on my son, Aaden, for blogging about his differences.

Not because I feel convicted, but because this is a completely false statement- is the reason of this post.

I never, in a million years, want Aaden to grow up and be embarrassed about things I have blogged about- I want him to be proud of his difference in the world. That is why I blog of all our craziness. If me sitting down, for a few minutes- every few weeks (because we all know, I do not blog often ;) ) helps one single child. One single family- my few minutes were worth it. 

I hope you all know me well enough to understand this. If you were ever offended, or backed away from me as a friend because some of my stories- I do apologize. This is our life I choose to share because I want to- I want to help other families. I want to look back at our progress!! Which I have. Over and over. And I love that. 

My goal, as a mom of a child with a difference is just that---Raise awareness. 

Please keep my family in your prayers, thoughts, send positive vibes- whatever it is you do, as we go thru a difficult time.

I will always appreciate you guys and your support.