Tuesday, June 7, 2011

And so it begins...

We recently decided, maybe it was time to start introducing Aaden to the 'potty'. Yep, wish us luck!! I guess we started to think it was time because he loves to take of his diaper and tee tee on the floor. So Sunday, when he took his diaper off, we told him he needed to tee tee in the potty. We brought his little chair in the bathroom, that way, Mr. Independent, could crawl on the 'big boy potty' on his own.

He sat like this for a good 5 minutes, and nothing! So he flushes the toilet, and stretches his hands up to the sky and says, "I tee tee Mommy!! I did it. ", also stretching the truth has he runs in the living room to tell Evan.  Talk about one of the hardest things to say, because he was TOO excited. We told him he didn't do it, and we would try again in a little big. What does the turd do about 3 minutes later, he tee tees!! Yep, he did it!! ON THE FLOOR!!

I, once again, told him he tee tee in the potty not on the floor... so we went back to the potty, but of course, he wanted to stand!

Still, once again, nothing!!! I get the chair again and sit him down, and this time, he's scared to sit!! So I figured he just isn't ready. But, at the least, we can talk it up some... for the next few weeks.

Our conversation about the potty ended with...
Mommy - "Aaden, where are you supposed to tee tee?"
Aaden -     " On the floor!!" (with tons of excitment, as if he had gotten the answer correct)
Mommy - "No, you tee tee in the potty, NOT on the floor"
Aaden -     "On the floooooorrrrr, MOMMMMY" (making me feel as if I was wrong)

Hmmm.... maybe little boys are supposed to tee tee on the floor?? ;)

With love,
Courtney ;)