Thursday, June 7, 2012

Neuro Update

CRAZINESS... yes, to say the least. These past few months have been nothing sort of insane. I mean really, how did I ever work? I have NO clue, honestly.  I seem to get asked the same question, by people I dont see very often, "How has staying at home been?". I can answer that question, but, it's quite hard sometimes. Don't get me wrong, I feel like I missed out so much by working the past 2 years of Aaden's life, and 10 months of Brady. HOWEVER, staying at home is not easy. Now I understand why it isn't for everyone. I LOVE IT though.

Can you believe it's been 6 months since we saw Dr. Hollman, Aaden's neurologist? I can't. It is never an easy belly feeling when you're sitting in the lobby to bring your toddler to see a neurologist. Although, Dr. Hollman puts everyone at ease, and takes the time to liste to what I have to say. Which is wonderful, considering how precious her time is. I know there are many other children, some probably younger than Aaden, with bigger problems.

I went fuller prepared last week, had a huge list of questions, from, how he's responding to the medicine he is presently taking, to new symptoms we have seen in the past few weeks.  What Dr. H had to say wasn't anything like I was prepared for, especially because Evan couldn't take off of work. She diagnosed Aaden with bi-polar disorder. The only thing she was unsure about was: if his OCD was turning into bi-polar, or if it was both. Eeeeeeek, well what do we do about it? Was my first thought, after the tears.

Overall, I'd been thinking Aaden was doing better, but slowly having these things that stood out. Such as being more angry, never knowing which Aaden you would get, from one second to the next, etc. We still had all the same behavior issues too.  This is why it's hard to know if it's both, the OCD and bipolar, or just bipolar disorder. Dr. H and I decided not to take him off of his Celexa 30mg, (for the OCD) because, it isn't hurting him to take. We are also keeping him on the Respirdone 0.5mg twice a day. But have added a new medicine, which is a mood stabilizer, or the bipolar. I have not done much research on the new medication, so I'm going to hold off on posting the name. However, we have to slowly work our way into the medicine. There are 6 phases to go thru before he has the full dose, and we are currently on phase 2. No, there is not a noticible difference, we will not see that until we have been on the full dose for 2-3 weeks. Within the next month and a half, we should hopefully see a major difference, and have our happy little Aaden! She also recommended we start seeing a therapist. A therapist, for a 3 year old? Yes, that's what I thought too, however, therapy will be mainly for Evan and I. Giving us suggestions on what to do when he has an anxiety attack or starts acting out.

My main concern with yet, another, medication, was, is it going to change who Aaden is?! Because, honestly, he is such a ham, and can be very pleasant to be around. Dr. H's response was absolutely not. he will still be the same old Aaden.

I just want to ask for everyone, I know, or not, to please pray for Aaden, as we transition into the new medicine, and we find the right therapist, for us, as a family. I very much appreciate it!

Until next time...

With love,
Courtney :)