Thursday, January 26, 2012

A spin on painting

Ha- pun intended? Yes, indeed!! I first saw this craft on Play at Home Mom, which I have been madly in love with. I have always been interested in trying new things for the boys, well mainly Aaden, right now, to do. All while he is learning--- but completely oblivious to it :)

So, all we have here is a salad spinner, non coated paper plates, and water color. However, I also tried tempra paint. Both worked fine. Each had a different look. For us, the liquid water color was easier, because it was in a squirt bottle. I need to find some little droppers, that would make things even easier, and help with fine motor skills. Yep, I need to get on top of that. 

 Getting plate into position...

 How about some pink...

 ... why not every color we own?

 spin spin spin!!!

As you can see, he was quite proud of himself, as was I!! We discussed all the colors afterward, had to make it a little learning experience, while it was still fun!! It was pretty neat, also, some of the water colors made 'new' colors. He was in awe!

Now, I will admit- I am, for the most part, a very clean, organized person. BUT, and yes, there is a but, there is something about letting your kids get dirty while they learn, and have fun!! They are kids!! That's their joy! Which brings joy to Momma! Just nothing better than a huge smile on your baby's faces.

Until next time...

With love,
Courtney :)

Rain rain, DON'T go away

Rain rain, DON'T go away, you know the song. Wait, DON'T? That's not right is it? May not for you, but it is for us! We enjoyed getting messy playing in the rain last week [eeeek, I'm a late poster, I don't have a computer at home these days].

We just happened to be playing outside when the bottom fell out the sky, no lie, it did. Instead of running inside, as normal. I decided to have some fun with the nasty weather!

Not to mention, Aaden was scared, so this was the perfect opportunity to show him, the weather would not hurt him, and push him out of his element a little bit. At first he wanted NOTHING to do with the water, and getting wet. He is a boy thru and thru though. I promise! I was determined thought. I put on a hat, and ran out in the ran, with Brady bear 2 feet behind me, Aaden soon realized, hey, they are having LOADS of fun!! He would tip toe out a litle, and run back under the carport. Then, I had another thought, why not go play in the hidiously huge ditch we have in our front yard. Might as well make the best of the disturbing thing. Brady and I ran out in the ditch splashing around, putting those cute rain boots to work. Not long after, here comes Aaden. He played for a little bit, of course, once he really got into it, the weather took a turn for the UGLY, thundering and lightening. It was as if all my hard work of getting Aaden out there, having fun, in the weather, that he is normally scared of, just disappeared. Stupid thunder, ruined it all. But we did have fun while it lasted!!

 Here is Mr. Scaredy pants... At least he's smiling, right?

 Whoop Whoop for rubber boots!

 Little ham, this was just about as wet as he would get.

 ...and--- BRADY LOVED it, if I had not mentioned that already!

Phew... bring on the bath!!!! Here is Luke trying to get in on the action as well!!

Yes, the saying is a little cheesy, but it's one of my favorites, and one I need to practice!!

Until next time...

With love,
Courtney :)

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Finger paint fun!

Finger paint fun, well that's a title all in itself! More like body paint, it is so much more fun to paint with your whole hand, on your own leg!! This wasn't Brady's first time to be offered the paint, just his first time to actually participate, as in, he put the paint on the paper, and not in his mouth! He is finally getting the jest of crafty things!

 Why not just squirt all of the paint out of the tube?

 I can hear Aaden saying, "Show you Bady, Show you"

 Ok, so maybe a little paint went inside his mouth

 Exactly what finger paint should look like after use!

Christmas 2011

Well, Merry LATE LATE Christmas, y'all!!  I know, I am a complete slacker with blogging lately. My computer crashed on me. BOOOO, and I can't, well maybe I can, and just don't know how, to insert pictures from my iPad, into the blog? If any of you know how to do that, please let me know!!!

As always, our holiday season is super busy, although, this year, things were a bit different, since Christmas Day was a Sunday. Its like 'another' gift from God, an extra day to celebrate Christmas, with the ones we love most.

Our Christmas started with a trip to Bass Pro, with my Dad, step-mom, and sisters. We wanted to take a big group pictures with all the grandkids, I mean how cute of an idea is that!?! I will sum it up in a nice way, the people who were there taking pictures this year, were not quite as friendly as the ones last year. So we didn't get our group pic. However, my Daddy, did get Aaden on the merry-go-around.

For those of you who are local, next year, be sure to go check our the Messengers Christmas Land, it is free, and amazing!!! It is the Messenger Family who has been putting this on since the 60's!! Super cool. ...and yes, that is us in SHORTS, in December!! 

Our first actual family Christmas was at Evan's family, Lottie & Pop's house. This has been a new little tradition we do, with just the Ingram's. We had a huge variety of yummy food, sweets, and lots of fun presents. As you can see, Uncle Dude, Orry-Evan's brother, is the typical 'fun' uncle. Here he is spinning Aaden around, and when you looked a few feet over, Brady lays down for his turn. haha Monkey see-monkey do!!

Boys will be boys?

The next morning we celebrated with Alisha, the boys' Seesha, and her sweet little girl, Bryleigh. I have been saying for the longest time, Aaden and Bry will get married, one day, even though they fight like cats and dogs now. I hope they grow old together. Even if it's just a life long friendship!!

Later, that night, we went to Granny's, I have no idea why I never have any pictures from Granny's house? Maybe we are just having too much fun?? Who knows. But we do have tons of fun, and we always fill her HUGE living room up with paper, like really.  A huge swimming pool of wrapping paper!!! (Next year, I will do a better job of pictures at Granny's-promise)

Christmas morning we did Santa at our house. I snapped these pictures of the boys, I just love each one of them. Thought I would share all three.

 Brady did much better than I thought opening presents!!

 Here is Luke, one of the boys' Christmas presents!! Sweet boy.
 Growing up we used to always get one 'big' present, so I'm assuming, that's what we are doing with the boys. Here is their big present! A trampoline! That we have lived on the past few weeks!! Even Luke likes it.

We ended our Christmas celebration at my daddy's house. There we have the most kids that are our babies ages. They all play and carry on. There is always a kid needing a friend. I think they all play very well together! I love knowing Aaden has tons of cousins to look after him one day!!!

 My cutie pie little neice, Audrey!

My twins!!

 My little sister, Shelby, got Evan and our dad both Footballs autographed by Les Miles!!
Such an appropriate time to post this!!!! GEAUX TIGERS!!

I hope each of you had a Merry little Christmas, as we did!!

Until next time...

With love,
Courtney :)