Sunday, January 8, 2012

Finger paint fun!

Finger paint fun, well that's a title all in itself! More like body paint, it is so much more fun to paint with your whole hand, on your own leg!! This wasn't Brady's first time to be offered the paint, just his first time to actually participate, as in, he put the paint on the paper, and not in his mouth! He is finally getting the jest of crafty things!

 Why not just squirt all of the paint out of the tube?

 I can hear Aaden saying, "Show you Bady, Show you"

 Ok, so maybe a little paint went inside his mouth

 Exactly what finger paint should look like after use!


  1. Precious! Hose em down now. Hugs

  2. You're such a great mom Courtney.... I was so caught up in keeping mine clean & tidy that I sometimes forgot to play I think.... your creativity spills onto them every day & because of that..they'll be better little people.... so proud of you & Evan. love you!