Saturday, June 15, 2013


Have you ever just felt completely worn down, and your 'to-do' list keeps getting larger and most extensive? 

That's me, right now. 

We decided to move, still in San Antonio, and actually- still in the same neighborhood we are in now. We are downsizing this monster size house we originally moved into. So joy! Seriously, no more cleaning a 2800 sq ft house, or having to go up and down the stairs 50 times because Aaden is scared, lower payments including all our utilities. Can't beat saving money. Sarcastic yay- because moving bites. A big one. Especially when Evan will probably be working, and we will have to move late at night for a few days. 
Although we don't move until July 22, I feel as if there is so much to get done. Since we are downsizing, and we currently have our 4 BR plus loft house filled- I'm nervous to fit everything into a smaller house. My purchases for this house have been things I've wanted FORever- and I LOVE, or I recreated. Such as my $10 Craigslist table... 

I think it turned out fairly well- and I adore it. I have to find a place for it!! Then, there's me being a weirdo OCD freak, I don't like the boys having toys in their room, I have no idea why, there really isn't any logic behind it- it's just not my preference. Well we don't have an extra room in the new house. So, since they don't really play with a lot of their toys- they will be donated. We enjoy coloring and cooking projects. Luckily- there is TONS of extra cabinet and pantry space at the new place. 

In better news, Aaden has been expressing his feelings a lot better! Or actually at all! Although he is flat out blunt as can be, and has zero filter. Most things are funny- but figuring out how to correct him when he says the ugly things, without hindering the prospect of him continuing this new thing, is tough. 

BB has been a complete chatterbox. If you know Brady, you know he speaks his own little language, as my FIL named it, BBneise. He has been doing much better! He does still have a lot of gibberish when he gets excited, but if you ask him to repeat it, you get the same exact response. He is such a little ham!! 

We have also added a new family member- 

Meet Brutus 

Brutus is a 2 year old English Bulldog. Aaden loves that we own his school mascot! He tells everyone. We re-homed Brutus from a husband/wife who are in the service, and didn't have time for him. You can tell he was so out of shape, we took him on his first walk, and half way around the block, we had to make Aaden walk, and put the dog in the stroller. Yes, you read that correctly. Haha. We have enjoyed him- he is perfect. He's big enough where the boys can't pick him up and throw him, but not too big so he's knocking them over and whatnot. 

In other news, my Mawmaw, my dads mom, was diagnosed with Lupus. She received her blood work results yesterday, and it has not affected her organs. So that is positive news. I just ask you to lift her up in prayer to stay positive and make any changes to their current lifestyle super smooth.

Until next time...

Wednesday, June 12, 2013


I have found a new way to share the blog! It's called Bloglovin'. Bascially, you sign up on Bloglovin' and 'follow' ABCE's, and you will be emailed when I make new posts.

Also, with Bloglovin' you can follow any blog that is linked up, and there is notifications of how many posts by the blogs you follow, that you have not read.

How awesome is that?!?

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