Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Afternoon refresh

Hi guys!!! It's been forever, right?! 

I want to get back to blogging, there is something about a virtual journal that is amazing and therapeutic. 

I figured I would start blogging about our 2015 Park Challenge!!  Then of course some more personal feeling goodness I come up with and need to get out. 

Lately we have been living on the go... From Evan working 6 am to way after the sun goes down <oh yeah, he got promoted!!! Yay! But there are lots of things to be fixed and that requires a lot of time. His company has also grown, like X4!!!> so the boys and I have been trying to stay busy, keeping up with school, starting soccer, therapy, spring break. Just life in general with 2 boys... 

Around Christmas time Evan and I decided we would definitely be moving from our 'baby house', as Aaden calls it and into another 2 story. We need the space, our guests need the space. The single story was very much short lived. (Hehe no pun intended- I'm just being dorky). Well now the owners of the home we are in want to sell. Which means- we HAVE to move. Which makes my anxious heart a bit cray. We are having a hard time on where to buy, if we want property, maybe we should build, maybe we should wait another year and save more money- so we can really get what we want, oh let's wait another year and see what oil is going to do. So many grown up decisions but ultimately, we will probably lease again. I think in another year we will be able to get more of what we really want in a house, on a nice piece of property with chickens and goats!! I have lost my mind- but happen to be really excited about the goats. Wish us well!!! 

The boys have been boys. They are loud, hyper, fast, loud (did I say that already?), and they fight. Non stop!!!! I told a friend a few weeks back I didn't understand how the police haven't been called on us, they are seriously that loud, which makes us THOSE neighbors. 

School has been great- Brady adjusted extremely well and Aaden, until last week, has only progressed in huge huge strides(just some behavior issues)!!! 

Since we have been so close together in our 'baby house', Daddy has been at work, and we hold tension in until we get home (I won't say any names, but his name starts with an A), I decided we would head to the park today. While my intentions were to get out the house so I didn't harm a kid (joking, kinda), today turned out to be so much more!!! We had a rough start because we weren't getting our way and there is only one of me. We finally decided on snacks and a hike. We took a fairly easy trail the first time, to the pond at Castroville Regional Park. I had no idea the pond was literally 20 feet from the playscapes. We missed our turn, took a very long trip around the other side of the park- which meant we explored, we came up with plans, we let Callie lead, we talked about 'what would happen if'. 

When we made our way out the trails and I thought we would head to the park- Aaden said he wanted to do another, and Brady agreed. (YALL this is huge!!! They agreed, without me being a referee) So we took the next set of trails. We had 2 options. 'Scout Trail' (fairly flat and easy) or 'Determination Trail' (who had a huge labeled sign that said 'CHALLENGING'). Guess what we picked?! Yep, Determination it was. It was freaking hard. Callie even sat down for breaks. My little minis are troopers, y'all. It was all up from there, literally. We helped each other, A helped BB, BB helped A, we all helped Callie. And it was just awesome. I may or may not tear up thinking about how awesome they did. With every aspect of the day. 

What I thought would be a quick trip to the park, turned into a huge lesson for me. I get so caught up in the 'things'. I forget to let my littles be little and be boys!! I am thankful for today (even for the screams that started our journey). Today was a blessing of a reminder of what really matters. The only thing missing was Evan. But we have a whole summer ahead of loads of fun things ready for him!! 

Until next time...