Monday, July 25, 2011

It's been too long...

Since I have failed to post so many of the busy, exciting things we have been doing in June and July. Hence, why I haven't been able to post. I want to share a few of my FAVORITE pics...

We stared June with our Fisher Family Reunion. Lots of swimming, eating, and enjoying company of family from all over!!

We also celebrated the wedding of two of our friends, Amanda Soto-Ortiz & Brad McDavid. A huge congratulations to them, and wishing them a life time of happiness, and plenty of babies ;) This had to be one of the most enjoyable receptions, I have ever been to. There was tons of dancing, from even the unexpected, Evan Thomas. Who, YES, lead the train outside to see the newly wedded couple off to Texas.

Towards the end of the month of June, my friend, Alisha Davis lost her Dad, Sport Davis. Since that day she has been trying to raise money for a scholarship fund, available to a senior softball player each year. Money is being raised by the purchase of these adorable shirts, the back of the shirts have the number 1, and Sport's name. What better models, than these 2 right here...

We also made a trip to San Antonio to visit Brad, Amanda and some of my Texas family. We went to Seaworld, a cool Mexican type of festival for the 4th, and the children's museum. Brad whooped us up some yummy steaks while we were there too :) It was a nice little fellowship time with some great friends! We also found out that BB, LOVES tomatoes!!! And Aaden can win the Large prizes at Seaworld & cook us breakfast ;)

We found this cool new soap too, foamy soap!!! I'm pretty sure my mini men adore it!!

To my Zachary friends, who read my blog, Mr. David McDavid, also had his official annoucement party- He is running for Zachary Chief of Police! Check out his website,

Aaden has also started to do a Mommy & Me class at The Little Gym, let me tell you, for any Mom's, or Dad's interested in a gym class for you little men or woman, The Little Gym is amazing. It is a very organized, chaotic, 45 minutes of fun!!! They teach the little one's all kind of stuff... from life lessons, in kiddie ways, of course, to letting them be their own crazy little peoples! It is, just what the name state, a little gym. It's a complete gym, just miniature sized, for the sweet little babies!

Until next time.

With Love,
Courtney :)