Tuesday, July 30, 2013

New things

Well hello 5:30! Sheesh, can't say waking up at 5 am to blog is something I ever thought I would do.  Yet here I am.

*WARNING* If you are a regular reader of mine, you know my posts can sometimes get a little drawn out, with a lot of commas (Thanks for pointing that out, Emiley ;) ). This will be one of those posts. Hence the reason I am up at 5:30 typing my little heart out, when I should be catching some ZZZZZ's with the minis before they awaken for the day!

Since it's been SO long since my last post, as always, a lot has changed. First of all, my cousin, Maverick, was in town for 3 weeks. He came to help me with the boys while I packed the house and all of other fun things that goes along with moving. Bless his heart, Aaden had him up before 9 every single day to go swimming in the 'Big Pool', which is our neighborhood pool. He always sent A to ask me if it was ok! Umm, DUH! Take his hyper tail and ware him out, haha. I know Mav loves A more than anything on this planet, but I just can't help but feel sorry for him all those mornings when I know Mav didn't want to go to the pool, he just did because he knew it was helping me out, and it would make Aaden's day. He even watched BB for me while I brought A to therapy 2 times a week, which meant, I had 1.5 hours to MYself, while I waited for Aaden. Ah-mazing. I forgot how to process my own thoughts!! I am so thankful he was able to be here for an extended amount of time!

A week before the move, Marjo and Lauren, moved to San Antonio! They will be staying with us for a while until they get on their feet. Please pray for a smooth transition for them, while they have found jobs, I want it to exceed any job they could find elsewhere, and be happy!!

While both of the Jones' boys were in town, we went bowling! The mini's tagged along too! It was a lot of fun, and I'm happy we were able to do something with all of them, and Evan was finally off work. I'll never forget when Marjo said, 'I thought Evan and Maverick would be my competition, not Courtney.' It just made my day! Aaden and Brady had a blast!!! Aaden turn his finger, so after that, he was done for a bit, but Brady would have bowled for every single person, for 2 hours, if we would have let him. Then, when the galactic bowling started, you couldn't keep Brady still. He was obsessed with chasing the lights around on the floor and dancing. By far one of the cutest things ever!

So, within the last week, we have had 9 people in our house! Seriously, how much fun is that!? Granny and Pawpaw came to pick up Maverick, and help us move. The minis were just completely besides themselves when they walked in the door. I think that is the hard thing about moving away from family, when you miss them, you can't just, "Go to Grannys" or "Go to Mawmaw's". But it makes the visits with them so much more meaningful.

If you know me, you know I cannot stand a small appliance on the countertop, or anything for that matter. Everything has a place, and the toaster, blender, etc, doesn't need my counter space! I really have no idea why I'm like that, but it takes .01 seconds to take it out the pantry, so that's what happens around here. So, without thinking about my grandparents coming in town, and needing coffee, I packed up that little sucker. Needless to say, I made the Starbucks run the next couple of mornings, with Brady in tow, of course. He wanted his 'coppee' and 'take pop' (cake pop).

Our move went fairly smoothly, I think anyway. Considering we were downsizing, because, quite frankly, cleaning a 3,000 sq ft house, is no where near fun at all. Especially when the space isn't all utilized anyway. It just so happened, we decided to downsize the same week Marjo and Lauren made plans to move, but hey, it has all worked out so far!! The minis still sleep with us, and we downsized the amount of toys, so everything has it's spot in their room, I am even ok with toys being in there. Yes, I know, crazy again. I do not like toys to be in their bedrooms. I think a bedroom is a place for rest, not playtime. I guess since they don't actually sleep in there, toys aren't hurting anything ;)

We have been in the new house for a week, and it is already a whole lot more 'homey' feeling then the old house. Although, I did shed a few tears when I started taking down pictures to pack up. Mainly because, we took a huge leap of faith moving here, not knowing if Evan's job would be permanent, or how long it would last, he got the call and he was on the road less than 12 hours later. Well, the old house is what became 'home', even though it never really was. It just never felt right. We struggled with Aaden and Brady always wanting to be upstairs or downstairs, of course, whichever one we weren't on, at that time. They are already playing in their room, the living room, and getting their own snacks!!! Huge plus. lol. Instead of needing me for every single little thing. They are taking their own initiative, which makes 'Mom Life' a little easier.

Ok, so when I woke up at 5 this morning, I checked my email, having one from Bloglovin', where I follow a lot of different blogs about Aspergers. Reading some of the trails other families go thru on a daily basis seems to ease my mind, when I'm asking myself, 'Is this normal?', 'Is this part of his condition?', 'Is this something we can change?'. Not that I ever want to change who Aaden is, but sometimes I wonder if he does some things that aren't Aspergers related, and we could correct. If that makes any sense at all. Well, those questions lead me to a whole other way of thinking... and the big question, WHY!? I have accepted the fact that Aaden is not normal, I have accepted that Aspergers is an amazing condition, that Aaden will be brilliant, he will succeed, he will just need more of our help. The 'Why?' question pops in my head when I wonder why God chose to bless us with an Aspergers child. Why are we that special? What is He trying to teach us, about OURSELVES? Without questioning his authority and decision, of course.
I have yet to find the answers, but we will. I do see myself changing, everyday. I am learning to communicate better. I am learning to distract Brady away from the chaos, so he doesn't think it's ok to react as Aaden does, and cannot help. I want to change for them, for my little family. Evan and I were chosen to be Aspergers parents for a reason.