Thursday, January 26, 2012

Rain rain, DON'T go away

Rain rain, DON'T go away, you know the song. Wait, DON'T? That's not right is it? May not for you, but it is for us! We enjoyed getting messy playing in the rain last week [eeeek, I'm a late poster, I don't have a computer at home these days].

We just happened to be playing outside when the bottom fell out the sky, no lie, it did. Instead of running inside, as normal. I decided to have some fun with the nasty weather!

Not to mention, Aaden was scared, so this was the perfect opportunity to show him, the weather would not hurt him, and push him out of his element a little bit. At first he wanted NOTHING to do with the water, and getting wet. He is a boy thru and thru though. I promise! I was determined thought. I put on a hat, and ran out in the ran, with Brady bear 2 feet behind me, Aaden soon realized, hey, they are having LOADS of fun!! He would tip toe out a litle, and run back under the carport. Then, I had another thought, why not go play in the hidiously huge ditch we have in our front yard. Might as well make the best of the disturbing thing. Brady and I ran out in the ditch splashing around, putting those cute rain boots to work. Not long after, here comes Aaden. He played for a little bit, of course, once he really got into it, the weather took a turn for the UGLY, thundering and lightening. It was as if all my hard work of getting Aaden out there, having fun, in the weather, that he is normally scared of, just disappeared. Stupid thunder, ruined it all. But we did have fun while it lasted!!

 Here is Mr. Scaredy pants... At least he's smiling, right?

 Whoop Whoop for rubber boots!

 Little ham, this was just about as wet as he would get.

 ...and--- BRADY LOVED it, if I had not mentioned that already!

Phew... bring on the bath!!!! Here is Luke trying to get in on the action as well!!

Yes, the saying is a little cheesy, but it's one of my favorites, and one I need to practice!!

Until next time...

With love,
Courtney :)

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