Friday, February 15, 2013


Normally Valentine's Day isn't a holiday we really 'celebrate'. However, this year Aaden was super excited about 'Valentime's Day'. Yesterday morning, he made a comment about having a party. Soo- we loaded up and went to the store. I told him to show me everything he saw that had a heart on it, or was red. LOL. Obviously, he did an amazing job!!

Now, waiting all day to throw Daddy a party was so hard!!! Then, of course, Evan was 25 minutes later, than normal getting home. It always happens that way, doesn't it?

I knew this would be completely cheesy to a lot of people, and at first, it was to me as well. But then I thought- we celebrate our birthdays, turning another year older- I am also thankful for every other day I wake up next to my sweet boys. So why not celebrate the day of love? Even though we love our sweet families every other day of the year? This was a good opportunity to talk to Aaden about love, and giving to others. Brady only cared about the chocolate covered pretzels and cupcakes- haha.

Since Evan and I were born only a day apart, during the week of Thanksgiving, we are normally too busy for a 'party'. So this was so. much. fun. Something to actually surprise him with!!Not only were we able to surprise him, but show him we went the extra for him, because he does work extremely crazy hours, and we only see him for about an hour each day.

The boys are so excited to help out from making the cake to making Daddy a huge card!!! And of course, just being cute and playful!


 I promise you, when I said Aaden picked out the decorations!! Everything he saw with a heart on it, or was red, he showed me. I think he did very well!! Everything was super cute, and came together like a charm.

Don't laugh at the streamers, we have a cat, who was salivating over them. bahaha

The cake was however my idea, my version of a 'candy heart' lol I give major props to cake decoraters, and pastry chefs. You guys are wicked talented!! This is just about as good as it gets for me. :)
While we waited for Evan to walk through the door, Aaden was so excited he couldn't stand still- well that isn't something irregular. But it was possibly the sweetest little thing.He stood there at the door and waited for Evan's head lights to show between the glass. He said, "this is going to be the best party EVER" "Daddy is going to lobe it".

You can just see the excitement oozing from his pores.

 Brady was just excited he could eat now. hahaha
We had a great time!! Even if the party only lasted 20 minutes or so, and Brady only ate the chocolate, and stayed up all night. It was worth it, and something we will probably do every where on Valentines Day.

I hope each and every one of you had an amazing night with your loved ones. We surely did.
Until next time...

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  1. Court-- I LOVE LOVE this idea & what an awesome memory you made for your boys! (I hope they remember things better than my boys claim they I was always doing stuff like this & they claim they remember none of it!) haha But the point're an awesome Mom. I LOVE your new blog format too... it's so sweet! I wish I would have had blogs back when my boys where small so I could walk down memory lane.... heck having the internet would have been nice!! haha But truly this generation will have all of their memories at their fingertips! Love you & miss ya'll so much! Aunt Cindy