Wednesday, February 13, 2013


On a side note, from all the medical things going on...

Today I had to go pick something up really quick, so the boys and I loaded up in our jammies. It's actually pretty rare, if we change out of our jammies all day. But, that's not the point of the story. After our errand, I noticed both of the boys had fallen asleep, so I just drove around and explored the road passed our neighborhood. Also, it was a much needed quite time for me. I started thinking exactly what a smile from my boys means to me.

BB in heaven, with his little cowboy hat and his red truck.

Although today is Ash Wednesday, someone forgot to inform Brady, we aren't Catholic. Seriously, Brady is the messiest kid I've ever met. He loves being a mess, and making one!! Today he had ice cream, then literally played in the fire pit ashes.

Sleeping little love, and his froggie.
Although they are a handful all the time, sweet little innocent moments like this make the craziness worth while.

He looks too sweet to do anything crazy, huh?

THINK AGAIN!!! That is a whole container of cheese balls... a few seconds before this, he was stomping on them, and giggling. So, yeah, remember when I said messy... Prime example.
So, yeah, my boys are crazy, they act up in a restaurant, and in the store. They are defiant. But I allow them to be themselves, and I love them for it.
Until next time...

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