Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Honeymoon period

Honeymoon period, I think we all have an idea of what that means. Although it can be applied to anything; newlyweds, newby college students- speaking of, I was definitely one of those!! Hence, why I still haven't went back to college ;)

In our family's case, right now. It is with Aaden, and him just starting his school. Now don't get me wrong- we are starting his 4th week of school, and we have seen tremendous improvement!!!! Definitely beyond any expectations I ever had. We have seen him transform from a little man to a pre-schooler!! He enjoys going to school everyday, and gets upset on the weekends when he can't go. That right there is huge to me, considering when I worked, he would cry everyday when I dropped him off at daycare.

From day one Aaden ran up to his teacher and gave her the biggest hug, he had never met her before! Which is something major for Aaden to do. We have witnessed him making his own choices, doing a few things more independently. Asking for things without whining, and in full sentences. He has memorized multiple nursery rhymes. He is developing even more of an imagination! Learning to write his name, and to do simple addition. I hear him practicing all the time.

Short story- The other day I was washing my face, and of course, he was right under my feet, I heard him say, evil 6. So what automatically comes to my head... the mark of the beast. Don't ask why. haha I just heard him say evil 6. I asked him who taught him that, and it wasn't a nice thing to say. Well little turd doesn't lie,, he said his teacher taught him that. I asked him to repeat it, he said 1 plus 5 evil 6. I love his little speech impairments. ;) Smart boy.

Overall, he is just a happier version of himself.

We are currently taking half of the medication he was on previously, until we see his new developmental pediatrician in a month. On that note, it took forever to find the right doctor. So many doctors here were not taking new patients, or they wouldn't see Aaden until he was 5 or 6. Well I'm positive Aaden isn't the only almost 4 year old with issues. I'm not sure why it was so difficult to find one to see him, PHEW. Finally we are on the waiting list for an evaluation, and we will go from there.

Now, back to the Honeymoon period. This is something Aaden's school psychologist warned me about. Although we are still seeing improvement, they past few days he has been backsliding a little bit with the whining, and we are seeing a little more fluctuation in his mood. If you know Aaden, sometimes he will hang his head down for no apparent reason, as if he's sad- and nothing particular has to happen for him to do that. I have been seeing that a little bit more lately. Compared to the first 2 weeks of school. I am praying this is not what we are experiencing, because he is making improvements by leaps and bounds.

Please continue to keep us in your thoughts and prayers, they are always appreciated.

Until next time...

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  1. Courtney- I LOVE your Blog Posts & your honesty in dealing with such a tough situation as a mom. Aaden and you all are in my daily thoughts AND prayers. I think you & Evan are AWESOME parents & are dealing with this issue head-on & not pretending it will go away will definitely payoff. Aaden & BB are precious & I LOVE being able to keep up with ya'll through your blog! Love you! Aunt Cindy