Friday, January 10, 2014

I am a MESS

There you have it. I am a pure mess. I am a mother of 2 little messes… boys are gross, and that is that. Now, that isn't exactly where I was going with this, but there's the truth. Just to throw it out there.

This week we have seriously played our little hearts out. So today, we went for a little bit more simple fun. We made moon dough. Recipe can be found here. Luckily I stumbled across corn starch at the dollar store one day, and bought every box available. I swear when I'm looking for something like that in Walmart, it's sold out. Or I'm crazy and don't know where to look. Maybe a little of that too. ;) We added few drops of food coloring, just for fun. White = Boring. Or so I've been told my a certain 4 year old.

Here is a little before/during picture. Aaden didn't like the smell, naturally. So we tied a shirt on his face, he was good to go. It took them both a few minutes to put their hands in and mix the corn starch and shaving cream up really well. But they did. I was beginning to think my numb thumb was for nothing. Pressing a cheap bottle of shaving cream is torture. Just an FYI!! Aaden lasted about 20 minutes, which is great for him. Brady lasted about an hour. Which has significantly increased since he has started pre-school.
 This was the last few minutes of Brady's time. The aftermath. I wish I had taken a picture of our whole floor, from the table to the front door… completely covered. The chairs, white, Brady's pants, that were originally navy, were then grey. About 10 cars completely covered in moon dough, even the big truck that carried them around 'town'.

As I clean up the mess, I am totes happy they enjoyed it so throughly, I have not one single issue with cleaning it up. The chairs needed a good wipe down anyway!! ;) It got me thinking, why is this mess (which is WAYYYY worse than an accidental mess) ok, and an accidental mess not? Yes, I said it. Accidental messes drive me crazy sometimes. Brady loves to spill the whole container of just made juice. Aaden's thing is to drop a FULL-to-the-rim cup of milk---on the CARPET. Ahh!! These are accidents, I know this. I cannot stand myself for getting frustrated at those type of things. I think I get frustrated because I am so high strung about everything else going on in our house. Aaden screaming over how bright the lights are, or how loud the TV is, or Brady saying, "I spank you", and he's scared. Or Brady just being the little mess he is. All the time. He kid is a walking dumpster lol. A cute one, but oh my word.

I am determined not to let these little things bother me so much. It is not fair to my babies or husband, and I will not accept that kind of behavior from myself. 

So, follow up on how this goes… soon ;) Wish me luck.

Until next time…

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  1. I love your blog Courtney! I laughed about the boys being a mess...I've always said that boys are fonky (yes, you heard it correctly F-O-N-K-Y)! LOL There is not one thing that they won't pee on, break or spill. But they sure do steal their momma's hearts. As you know, my BABY is moving away this week...-in fact I just got home from helping them finish packing & cleaning their apartment & they are already on the road with the U-Haul headed to Oklahoma. Uncle Gary & I are leaving Thursday morning to meet them at their new place & help them set up housekeeping. I can honestly say from the opposite end of the spectrum than you are right now that I SURE WISH my toilets were caked with pee, my guest room was filled with rocks & matchbox cars on the floor, clothes hanging out of the drawers & smelly socks were under the bed :( It goes by waaaay too fast! I think you are an awesome MOM & do wonderful activities with my sweet nephews! LOVE YOU! Aunt Cindy

  2. Hi! This is @colormejesss from Instagram, I just requested to follow you and then accidentally hit unfollow while looking at your profile - sorry! Lol Nice to meet another SA mama!