Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Christmas 2013


Guess that is a good way to start this post about Christmas ;) We started our Christmas  season with a Christmas Book Exchange at our good friend's house! *Side note: If you are new to an area, or just looking to meet people like you, with the same interests, look on Meetup.* We had a great time!! They boys enjoyed a lot of crafts, plus each getting a Christmas book to add to our collection. My favorite. Sadly, I don' think I have any pics. 

Evan was actually off work and could attend the boys' school parties with me. Although he said it was definitely a 'mom' thing, I know he enjoyed being there. Both of their parties were adorable. 

Since Aaden is in a public school, his couldn't be about Jesus, sadly, however, they played adorable little games, decorated sugar cookies, ate lunch together.

 He was soooo happy his Daddy was there.

 Nailed it ;)

We headed to Brady's party immediately after Aaden's, correction, after hitting up Starbucks. I'm not sure how much I have shared about Brady's teacher- she is God sent. Whole heartedly, she is amazing. She writes a blog each day after class to help us, parents, communicate better with the babies in her class. We are aware of each thing they did during the day, so we can ask them direct questions. It's just absolutely perfect. You can find her blog here. It's updated every Wednesday and Friday.

Now, Brady's party was a lot different. His party focused on the true meaning of Christmas. They made their own pizza, had lunch, did a balloon launch for Jesus's birthday, and we had the most adorable birthday cake for Jesus. There was a child missing from his class, so Aaden took full advantage of the situation. 

 My cute sensory issue kiddo

 Does anyone else's child eat pizza this way? He bites the middle of every piece. Won't eat the pieces he has touched.

Jesus' Birthday Cake

Since we spent most of our Christmas break in Louisiana, Santa decided to make a trip to our house early. We ended up missing an ornament exchange with all of our favorite kiddos and mom'- but there was no way Santa could bring his gifts to and from Louisiana with all the loot we knew we would have to haul back. I wrapped all the gifts, and Evan pretended as if he heard Santa on the roof, so they ran in our bedroom, you know- their room because they sleep there-and acted like they were sleeping so Santa would leave their gifts. We had a jolly little time. Nothing special, but perfect for us. 

We started our Christmas journey at my grandparents house, my Dad's mom and dad. I love being able to spend time with just them. It's so special to me. The way the boys voices get all high pitched and excited when they say 'Mawmaw' 'Pawpaw', just melts my soul. 

And, they just happen to be the cutest little people on the planet!!!

We spent all day Christmas Eve with my mom's side of the family, my Granny and Pawpaw. I have no idea why I never have pictures from their house? It drove me crazy last year, and even more this year because I remember typing those exact words 365 days ago. AGH!!! Next year, y'all be ready fan--- the flash is going to be going down!!!

Christmas morning we went to Lottie & Pop's house, Evan's parents. We enjoyed a huge breakfast and opening gifts with sweet little Ryden. It was soooo much fun with these 3 boys this year. I can hardly wait until next year, when Ry is even more involved. 

 Special thanks to Butterfly Kisses Embroidery & Gifts for the boys 
adorable pajama sets and Christmas shirts.

 My gorgeous wind chime from Mawmaw and Pawpaw Nettles.
That is also me, stepping out of my box, in RED leggings ;)

My sweet SIL! :) 

We spent Christmas afternoon with my Dad and family. I was too busy taking pictures with my Dad's camera to get any pics of my own. It is always a fun time going over there. There is a total of 7 daughters, 4 son in laws, 8 grand babies with one on the way (not me). We are always there at the same time… Along with grandparents. My parents number gifts and have a total of 3 trees… I think there were 124 gifts this year? I'm not sure why that number is sticking in my head though.

The rest of our time in town, we took a trip to Biloxi with Granny and Pawpaw to have some 'adult time' away from the crazies. It definitely help recharge my mind… I am very thankful for that. 

Here's to a new year and new memories to be made. 

Until next time…

With love,
Courtney :)

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