Saturday, December 10, 2011

Shaving cream painting...

I posted something last week about how play time with the kiddos was now, going to be different. I stumbled across this super website,, while on Pinterest. So they get credit for this whole idea :) and many more ideas that will be in the near future.

First, we took a trip to Home Depot for our stakes and plexiglass, which, on a side note, plexiglass is expensive!!! Anyway, we got home, and screwed the plexiglass to the stakes. Learning the hard way, to drill pilot holes for the screws, we have a chipped easel, but it is very much still functional. So, if you decide to make one, then be sure to drill pilot holes.

Eventually this will go in the ground, and eventually we will build a frame around it, to make it free standing.

 I thought painting with shaving cream would be fun! Easy to clean off, and quite frankly, it's super cheap! 98 cents for a bottle of shaving cream. best paint ever. I let Aaden mix the colors, so we had tons of fun, just getting ready to paint.

 First little paint stroke

 This was his TA-DA face!!! He was so proud of himself and his 'elephant'

 Believe it or not, I was just snapping pics, and he posed all on his own 

 2 brushes...

 I loved all the different colors he was creating

 Last but not least, it is only fun if you can paint with your hands

We had a blast, I love how creative his little imagination is, and how amazingly smart my sweet little man is. He is growing so fast, and I want nothing more than to bring out that creativity EVEN MORE.

I'm sure I will be posting many more 'projects'. I look forward to them, just as much as Aaden does.

Until next time...

With love,
Courtney :)

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  1. I think he will be an artist. You are so creative too Courtney. You should open a act/craft class for kids. You would do great!