Sunday, December 11, 2011

Our Sunday

The name of this post was going to be 'Sunday Funday', but while playing with the boys, I thought to myself, why do we celebrate Sunday like it's the end of the weekend. I mean, isn't really the beginning of a fresh new week? Which brought up another thing, while I was working, one of our patients made a comment about how we are always wishing it were the weekend, when we do that, we are just wasting the whole week. Wishing our life away. Although I do not work anymore, I still look forward to the weekends, when Evan is home to spend time with us, but you will not catch me wishing my week away.

Since today is the second Sunday of the month, we have lunch at Evan's Mawmaw Jerry's house. Awesome idea, everyone knows when we meet, and plan accordingly to be there. It is tons of fun!! The boys get to see all of their cousins they don't see on a regular basis, and we get to catch up with all the parents of the cute little cousins. GREAT time. Well, most of Evan's family lives in the country, when you are in the country you can have cute pot belly pigs and chickens!!

Aaden particularly liked the pig, I think mainly it was because she was too fat to move, so he was able to feed her and go about his business. It was quite funny whenever she stood up, because he said, "Oh my gosh, we gotta get outta here!".

Daisy, the pig, who was once big enough to fit in your pocket!!

Aaden chasing the chickens...

Each time we get together, there is always wrestling! It must just be a boy thing!! Funny when the big kids, {clearing throat} Evan Thomas, joins in too.

And the baby of the bunch comes out with the ball :)

Today was also Chris' 14th birthday!! Is there a better way to celebrate than with your whole, well mostly your whole, family??

Each time we drive in our drive way, and get out, Aaden says the same thing, 'I wanna pay outside', so, most of the time, that's what we do! We spent our last bit of savings around his birthday, in April, to buy them a swing set. I have to say, that was every penny, well spent! In addition to the swing set, Santa is bringing them a trampoline... shhhh ;)

 Sweet BB

A Man, and the candy!!

I went to Walmart this afternoon, and came across this adorable mask and cape set!! I mean really, how could I have passed this up. From the second I put it on him, he was running and jumping all over the house, saying he was, none other than, SUPERMAN!! Which is another thing I like is just instilled in boys, the love for superheros. We have never watched Superman with Aaden. He just knows Superman is a spectacular someone, who he adores.

Phew, we were busy today, we also made handprint ornaments... I need to do a little more research on 'how to', because ours kind of bubbled up in the oven, but it was fun just to watch Aaden play with the dough, he obviously was infatuated with it.

 BB liked to pinch the dough, but we did get a few good ones.

 "Of course we want an imprint of your head, Aaden"

We had tons of fun today, and are so blessed to have an amazing family, and healthy kiddos to do fun stuff with.

Until next time...

With love,
Courtney :)

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  1. I love these pictures Courtney. Thanks for sharing. I love Sundays at mama's too. I am so happy the boys are getting to know their cousins. It's important.