Thursday, November 3, 2011

Coming to the end

Now that we are coming up to the end of my first week as a 'Stay at Home Momma', I just want to remember some of the things that I have thought about and how the week as gone.

First Of all, I can see how this isn't for everyone! I after Monday was over, I realized, it IS for me :) I'm not quite sure what it was about Monday, but it just was not my day. Guess that's a Monday for anyone though, right?

TIMEOUT... I'll explain later

Well the adjustment we had Monday and earlier in the week were their schedules, yes, I am one of 'those' moms. I have a ONE and TWO year old. I have to be that way. Monday morning the boysw woke up early (I think Evan woke them when he came in from work, but maybe not ;). The getting breakfast and ready for the Halloween party at daycare, so happy Jessica let us come back for it. Super cute!! Then itwasback home getting ready for naps and lunch, etc. of course, since evan has been on nights (2 months now), Aaden has been sleeping with me. So he wants me to lay down with him for his nap, which is fine with me. Except, I can only do that if Bradyis asleep. I have been working all week to let BB take a super early nap, then they can notate same time after lunch. Which is even better because if BB stays up longer he sleeps longer. Aaden loves his nap, if you can get him to calm down and sit still long enough to fall asleep. He will snooze for 2+ hours. He has always been that way. Brady is slowly learning too

Then, Monday night was Trick or Treat. We always have a blast, since Evan & I have been together, we have went to his Nana's house. Before we had kids, we would just pass out candy to all the little cutie pies. But now we have our own cuties to walk around, althoughm this was the first time Evan missed it, because of work, we still had a good time. Lottie pulled the boys around in the wagon while I snapped pics and Granny, Pawpaw, & Nanny helped bring the boys for candy. All was well until we ran into Big Foot. Ok, now I'm going to vent. When you are in a busy trick or treating neighborhood, and are over the age of 12, or old enough to decide you want to be something scary. Think about the little kids that are outside enjoying the night. Or wait until trick or treat time is over and walk around like a jerk. Sheesh. Let's just say, Aaden is not a fan if Big Foot. {I'm kind of upset u can't upload pics from the iPad}
Pics to come, promise. ;)

We made it home and quickly got the boys to bed. Tuesday was completely different. The boys were both in great moods, I don't think we even woke Evan up, hence, we were super quite. The weather was nice enough to go outside and play with Zoey, our puppy, so that's just what we did. Wednesday and today, about the same. We are exploring different things to eat for breakfast and lunch. Suggestions??

We also went to the store in the middle of a weekday. Pretty awesome!! Huge perk :)

Ok--- the explanation of the TIMEOUT earlier. Aaden likes to take off his diaper and poop. Ahhh, from what my Granny has told me, my Momma did the same thing. Lol.

Sorry for type-os, first entry on the iPad.

Until next time...

With love,
Courtney :)

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