Monday, November 21, 2011

Busy bees

Well tomorrow is a big day for our little family. We bring Aaden back to Dr. Holman, his pediatric neurologist, for his 6 month revaluation. I have a list of things to speak to Dr. Holman about, and will have my listening ears on!!

Besides tomorrow's appointment, we always have an OVERAGE of plans during any holiday season. This week is no exception. Especially with Evan's crazy work schedule lately. Although, I have to say, I'm thankful for more than 20 hours, we thought he would get this week. Eeeek.

Wednesday we start the feast at my Granny's house!! I love thanksgiving time! All the food, and great company of the people who mean the most to you!!

Then Thursday is Turkey Day, none the less, it is also my 25th birthday! My, oh my, I have been waiting on 25 since I was 19. For one reason, an one reason alone--- my car insurance went down!! Yep, $100 a MONTH!! Couldn't have been better timing either, since we are now a one income household.
Thursday we are starting off at my Daddy's, I'm so excited about that too. We have never made it to my Daddy's in time to actually sit and eat with them. I have 6 other sisters, so my Dad and step mom normally do a open house type thing, come when you can- the food will be there. Since we always have times to be other places. This year we WILL be at my Dad's to eat with EVERYone. On MY BIRTHDAY :)) Then we will go to Evan's mom's house later on to visit with them as well.

Friday--- Black Friday. Or as Evan said, Broke Friday. Guess that's a NO on shopping for me. Since we already have Christmas taken care of, I don't need to go anyway. Not oh is Friday, Black, whoops BROKE Friday, it's also Evan's 25th birthday!! That's right!! We are a day apart, we were in the nursery at Woman's Hospital together! I'm a whole 27 hours older, and will always be ;) Evan never let's me forget I'm older. But to me, the older the wiser. So I'll take it!!
So instead of shopping on Broke Friday, we are going to celebrate our birthdays! We got a half off coupon to Texas de Brazil, and Granny is getting us a gift card. So that's a FREE amazing meal! Whoop whoop.

Bring it on Thanksgiving week. Us Ingram's are READY!

Until next time...

With love,
Courtney :)

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