Sunday, February 9, 2014

Baking Soda Bombs

Figured we would try a little something fun today…

Brady and his class did this experiment last week. So we gave it a try. Super simple.

First we gathered our ingredients:
Baking Soda
Food Coloring (if you desire)
Glass cups
…and something to catch the explosion in.

Aaden helped me make the bombs. We didn't measure, just made a pretty thick paste with baking soda, water, and food coloring. Next, we rolled them into little balls, and let them dry for a few hours.
*Suggestion- If you do not want minis asking you 'How much longer- How much longer', you should make them the night before, without help ;)

I had everything set up when I called them in, made sure the dishes to catch the explosion were big enough for each boy. Ex- Brady is a lot messier, so he got a bigger pan ;)


This is definitely something we will do many many times to come. I may put special treats in the bombs, maybe little heart confetties for Valentines Day… ;)

Until next time…

With love,


  1. That is such a great rainy day project. I will have to keep that in mind when Hunter gets a little bit bigger (he is growing to fast).
    PS your boys are too cute!!!

  2. What an awesome idea. Definitely will be trying this.