Sunday, May 5, 2013

Sick days

How many of you remember Barf Vader Aaden? If you don't know what I'm referring to- you don't remember. Let's say I would take that little acid reflux-spit up half his bottle- baby back any day over the sickness he's had the past 24 hours.
That's right, we had our first encounter with big boy 'trow wup'. Poor toot just has not been feeling well! We have actually watched 3 ENTIRE movies, plus multiple shows on TV-without getting up and jumping on the couch. You know he feels bad!!  With that being said- although I wish he were not sick- it has been a pretty calm day!! We all napped, cuddled with kittens-because of course 5 week old baby 'titties' (gotta love Aaden's speech issues) can always make you feel better!! He has been running about 101/8 fever all day- while on Tylenol... sigh. Hate seeing my booger man sick. Same goes for Brady- he has wanted nothing more than to make his bubbie feel better! He has sat next to us in bed with the Pedialyte, syringe, Aaden's water bottle, and ear thermometer.

Poor babe just wanted it to work so bad!! He's been a huge help to me today. He even phoned in Aaden's temp a few times. "Yes, ok ok, ok, ok BYE"

Yes, that is Aaden- in his own bed! He asked to go lay down in his room. This is how he's been all day. 

Before we had a litter of kittens, I have always been curious if the saying, 'Cats have 9 lives', was true. Well, our boys have proven the myth to be very true. While Aaden, for the most part, is very sweet and loving with the babies. Brady is not. I'm pretty sure I have mentioned Brady carries them around by their necks- case proven. 

Now that we are on the story of the BB- sadly, I don't talk about Brady as much as I should. Or as much as I would like to... This kid is an absolute nut. There is never a dull moment. He has the sweetest loving personality. All while being crazy non-stop. Everyone always jokes about how messy he is. As you can see, they are all right on point. Brady attracts dirt. Seriously, if there is a little dirt spot or mud- he's all in there. 

My sweet little cowboy.

A few years ago Santa started hitting the clearance section after Halloween for dress up clothes. Smart Santa! The Ingram mini's love it!!

As I said, dirt. The kid expresses dirt from his pores. I believe that!

Sweet boy was so excited Woody had his own towel!!

He he he get it from his Granny ;) The kid loves coffee!!

You're never too old to take a bath in the sink, right?! Lately, the boys have been LOVING to bathe in the sink. Works for me, they will sit there for an hour!! Plus my floor gets mopped in the process.

If you can't tell, there is never a dull moment around our house. Regardless if there is a sickness going around, or if we are taking twenty gazzillion baths a day. Boys will be boys, and I couldn't imagine it any other way.

Until next time... 

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