Sunday, April 17, 2016

Aaden is SEVEN!!

Guys... I have a 7 year old!!! How crazy does that sound? Last year, 6 just didn’t seem like a big deal... SEVEN though - well that’s a different story for me. Seven seems so old and mature. I’m not ready for Aaden not to ask for my arm to snuggle before he falls asleep. Or turn his face when I try to give him a kiss or hug bye at school. I’m not ready for him to be too cool for mom...

One of my favorite parts of the boys’ birthday is their ‘Birthday Interview’. So here it goes:

Color: Blue
Book: Diary of a Wimpy Kid
Movie: Star Wars The Force Awakens
Food: Star Wars Cookie Cake (so yeah, he may have been eating it for breakfast ;) )
Treat: Chocolate donuts
TV Show: Ninja Turtles
Toy: New Nerf Guns
Animal: Calvin 
Song: Flo Rida - My House (OMG, this made me giggle)
Sport: Soccer 
Day: Today (duh, mom!)
Holiday: Christmas
Number: 7
Cereal: Fruit Loops (He is my son...)
Store: Academy
Game: Playing with Nerf guns

What do you & Mom do together? Play and snuggle
What do you & Dad do together? Look at guns & fishing stuff
What makes you happy? Playing with Kingston
What is something scary? Nothing (y’all, this is such a lie, I could hardly keep a straight face)
What are you really good at? Soccer
Who is your best friend? Kingston
What do you want to be when you grow up? Famous Soccer Player
What is something new you’d like to try? Football 
What do you think about before you fall asleep? Food (bahaha, love my sweet cheeks)
Who is someone famous you’d like to meet? The First President of the USA 

Here's to another fun amazing year of my little cutie teaching me about life. I am so proud of A for the huge strides he has made- I know this year will be the best of all before. 

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