Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Brady is THREE

How many of you remember my post on Facebook, announcing we were expecting #2??
Well--- that baby is THREE years old today!!

That huge surprise has turned into one of our greatest blessings. It breaks my heart to think about how much I cried when I found out I was pregnant. I was completely terrified to bring another little human on this planet. It's such a scary place, and Aaden wasn't One yet. Phew… times were easier when they were smaller!! But Brady brings so much happiness and joy and belly laughs to this family. We need his crazy little self to keep us sane. He was God sent, timing and all, and I am Oh so thankful.

While the boys do play well together, they have also started the sibling rivalry too. Aaden still has the upper hand, but it won't be for much longer… Brady is 2 inches shorter, and 3 lbs lighter.

Have any of you ever wondered who Brady looks like?

^^^ This is Evan!! ^^^

Brady's First Day of Pre-School 3.

Until next time… 

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  1. LOVE you & all your boys! I think it's amazing when we can look back and see a blessing that God gave us in His perfect timing. So many things in this life are seen through a "glass darkly" and we may never know the reason until our life on this earth is over...but sometimes God allows us to see the complete picture while here & those times are amazing! Thanking God for our family's sweet blessing, BB! xxoo Love you, AuntCindy