Thursday, April 21, 2011

Guess I'll give it a whirl...

My sweet little sister, Shelby Hailey, gave me this ingenious idea of starting a blog. Well, I'm certainly happy she is so smart. I figured, with Aaden just turning 2 years old, now, would be the best time to start documenting these hilarious times we spend with our adventerous, non stop, crazy, little man. Along with all the upcoming new & fun things, his little brother, Brady, will do.

I decided to name my blog ABCE's of the Ingram Household. Yes, I do know the alphabet has a D in it, however, our family does not, yet, have a D. Who knows, maybe we will get a fish one day ;)

Hope everyone enjoys reading our little family's story, as much as I will enjoy writing, and reliving all of our special events.

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