Saturday, March 30, 2013

New things...

With so many things going on in our family, sometimes I really have to take a few minutes to update everyone on progress, new things we are doing, etc.

I want to start with my Plexus status:

I began Plexus on March 26, 2013. My beginning weight and measurements, can be found in the below post.

As of today, March 30, I am weighing in at 152.4, with loads of energy!!!!

There was one day I didn't see any progress, and I was dragging a bit, however, it was part if my very small experiment - which was, if I could get away with only taking one accelerator pill. Not because it made me jittery, which it did NOT, at all. Just to stretch out the bottle of 60 it comes in, and because I like to be difficult.

I have not changed my eating habits, but since Evan is at work this week, we are eating at home. While he's off work is when we eat out all the time, and I start to feel more puffy and just flipping tired from all the food I'm consuming.

Eating out is our main problem, he's off for a full week at a time, so we are always on the run, checking out San Antonio and whatnot.

We do eat semi healthy at home. We do not purchase Little Debbie cakes or any kinda of soda.

Evan has started Plexus too, if you are interested in his results- write him on Facebook, and beg for him to let me do a post about it :) I can say, the scale is showing a new, lower, number and the accelerator has helped with the dreaded night shift he's been on!

I plan to take measurements on Monday, I will update then! Hence- something I will do once a week.

In school news-On Thursday, Aaden fell asleep on the way to school, and I passed him to his teacher, still passed out. She loved it, and I don't think he minded either, he stayed asleep for an hour, even through lunch, she said.

Now- the really fun news, my little business, The SunFlowerSeed, is purchasing something new, and very exciting!!! Stay tuned!! We will still be doing the custom signs, but also taking a different lead. Something I have wanted to do for a really long time.

Until next time...

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